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Stress-Free Bay Area Auto Detailing Services

Over 30 5-star reviews with 5+ years of experience! We offer services built just for you - from Complete Details to Ceramic Coatings and Paint Correction 

Popular Services

Complete Detail

At our auto detailing shop in the Bay Area, we take pride in making your ride sparkle. Our complete auto detail is the package that will have your car looking so good, you'll be turning heads and snapping selfies. We'll start by giving your car a hand wash. washing your wheels, and dressing your fenders. This is followed by a clay treatment to smooth out any roughness. Then we'll show your car some love with a good sealant/wax, leaving it feeling smooth like butter. Our team of experts will then give your car's interior some TLC with a deep clean that will have you saying "Wow!". This will include a thorough vacuum + scrub down of all interior surfaces + shampoo + dressing of interior surfaces. At the end, we will do final touches such as cleaning windows, door jambs, chrome, etc.

Maintenance Plans

Don't let your car turn into a grumpy old man. Keep it looking fresh and feeling young with our auto detailing maintenance plan. We'll pamper your ride with spa treatments like waxing and vacuuming. We'll even throw in a complimentary air freshener to mask any funky smells. Don't let your car age faster than you do – schedule your appointment now and let us give your ride the TLC it deserves!


Ceramic Coating Package

Our Ceramic Coating Package is like giving your car a magical shield against the evils of the world. The exterior ceramic coating will be protected by a 5-7 year ceramic coating. We will also apply a yearly interior leather coating which will make your car feel like an impenetrable fortress, guarding against spilled coffee, dropped snacks, and even natural oils. In addition to this, we will add a carpet coating that will add 6 months of protection to help fight against spills, dirt, and food stains.

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