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Auto Detailing
Quality detailing in the Santa Clara Area

Interior Detail
Starting at 145

Interior Detail - Starting at 145

If your vehicle needs high-level, thorough interior cleaning, our full interior detail is what you need.

The full interior detail service includes:


  • Removal of all loose items. Your personal belongings will be placed in a plastic bag and any trash will be thrown out.

  • A thorough vacuum throughout your car. This is done with a variety of brushes, air compressor tools, and vacuums.

  • A complete scrub-down of your interior. Any plastic, vinyl, and leather pieces will be scrubbed gently. This is done to bring back the integrity of your materials. 

  • Steam-clean of all surfaces.

  • All leather and plastics will be conditioned.

  • Clean glass on the interior and any necessary touch-ups.


Exterior Detail
Exterior Detail - Starting at 145

Exterior Detail - Starting at 145

If you're looking to keep your vehicle's exterior looking amazing, our full exterior detail is what you’re looking for. You might be wondering, “What is a full exterior detail?” Let’s explain…

The full exterior detail service includes:


  • Detailed Hand Wash 

  • Thorough Wheel Cleaning - fenders, tires, wheel barrel, and wheel face

  • Blow dry + high-quality towel dry 

  • Clay bar treatment 

  • Ceramic Sealant - 6 months of paint protection

  • Door jambs and Windows

  • Plastic and tire dressing


Make your detail complete.

Add-ons for your unique needs

  • Shampoo - $50

  • Pet hair removal - $50

  • Seat Belt Cleaning $50

  • Interior Ceramic Coating - $100

  • Tree/Tar Sap Removal - $25

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