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Mini-Interior Detail

A  quick and standard clean up

Our mini- interior detail consists of all the essentials for an interior cleaning. Your car is thoroughly vacuumed so the best condition possible. This is done through using a variety of brushes and vacuum work. As soon as this is completed, we follow through with a high quality interior cleaner and quickly wipe down all plastic, vinyl, and leather pieces in your vehicle. In order to give it that freshly detailed look, we follow through all of our plastic, vinyl, and leather pieces with a high quality dressing with UV protection from harmful ultraviolet radiation.


The mini-interior detail service is perfect for car owners that would like a quick and simple way to keep their vehicles clean and up to date. This pairs perfectly with our premium wash in order to keep the interior and exterior fresh.

(Miata / Fiat)


(Corolla / Rav 4)


(Large SUV/Truck)


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