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Ceramic Coating Package - starting at 795

The ultimate protection package for your vehicle.

What is a Ceramic Coating Package?

Our Ceramic Coating Package is essential for those who want to extend the value of their car without breaking the bank. The simplest way to explain ceramic coating is describing its behavior like that of wax but multitudes stronger. You still have protection, water beading, and water sheeting. The difference is that ceramic coatings don't lay on top of your car but rather bond with the car's materials. We apply ceramic coatings on the paint, leather, and fabrics.

You can expect...

  1. A complete detail in order to prepare your vehicle's surfaces for ceramic coatings to bond properly.

  2. 5-7 year ceramic coating that'll bond with your paint to provide a protective layer that will fight to prevent damage from bird poo, tree sap, road grime, rain water, UV rays, etc. Like anything else, this will last longer if maintained properly.

  3. 1 year leather ceramic coating that will bond with your leather to provide a protective layer to help prevent damage from jean transfer, dirt, coffee spills, UV rays and anything else that may damage your leathers finish.

  4. 6 month fabric ceramic coating that will bond with your carpet and seats (if you have fabric seats instead of leather). This will help against spills, candy, etc.

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