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Premium Car Wash in Bay Area

What is a premium wash?

Washing a car can be very easy; however, it can also become very easy to cause swirling in your paint if not done properly. Not only that, but your car will be pampered in ways you may not have expected. That is why at All Shine Auto Spa we take pride in providing the safest methods to wash your car and strive to offer the best results possible. Let’s get into how we do this.

1)  Your wheels, tires, and fenders will be cleaned with a wheel specific cleaner in order to clean up after the dirt, brake dust, etc that has built up

2) Next, your car is foamed up before we begin a hand wash using a two bucket wash method with gentle microfiber mitts. This will ensure that we minimize the amount of swirling that may be caused to your paint.

3) Your car will be dried with microfiber towels in combination with a warm air blower in order to avoid any streaking that may cause water etching. 

4) Add 1-3 month Spray Sealant for added protection and shine.

5) Dress tires for a rich black look that will be dry to the touch.

6) Clean windows, door jambs, and final touches.

(Miata / Fiat)


(Corolla / Rav 4)


(Large SUV / Truck)


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