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Clay & Seal

For those looking for longer lasting protection

What is a Clay & Seal?

A Clay & Seal is a perfect service for those who want a longer lasting protection for their vehicles than just a premium wash. A lot of the same principles used to safely clean your car are applied for a Clay & Seal but we add an iron remover, clay bar treatment, and a better and improved Silica Paint Sealant in order to offer up to 6 months of protection for your car. 


Before we break down the steps, you might be curious as to what a clay bar treatment, iron remover, and a silica spray paint sealant are. Both the clay bar treatment and iron remover are crucial steps in exfoliate your car’s paint in order to allow an ideal bonding between our paint sealant and your paint. As for our Silica paint sealant, it is an improved version of paint protection. Silica is the main component in the majority of the newest technologies for paint protection. Silica allows for high hydrophobicity, high gloss, and longer lasting protection. 

(Miata / Fiat)


(Corolla / Rav 4)


(Large SUV / Truck)


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